Our traditional family dishes have been enjoyed and shared from Vietnam to San Fransisco and Orange County and now here in Folsom, Ca

TAM - (n) heart

"Tam" directly translates to "heart" in English, and just as the name suggests, we hope you enjoy a little piece of our heritage as we bring a small 

piece of our Vietnamese traditions to your table. You can really Taste the "love in every bite".

All of our Pho is never from concentrate, made from real Bone Marrow, we stew for 14 hours daily in our kitchen. This bold flavor and family recipe is full of all the real taste and health benefits of genuine bone broth. Mom says the broth is her secret to anti-aging. Dad says who cares, as long as it tastes good! 

Always a fan of the decadant, our eldest daughter insists only premium cuts of fresh Filet Mignon as our staple, and our patrons agree it does make our Pho the best in town.

Chu Johnny went to the Bay Area to expand his knowledge of cuisine and seafood and now has come home to share all his favorite handcrafted receipes and create new signature dishes for every season!

Even the grandchildren have helped create our so important kids menu because what is a good restaurant without family? We can hardly wait to become a part of yours!

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